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#AMonthofFaves {My Reading Year}

So I super dig this blog event and am happy to participate in it again (last year I was posting over at The Englishist). Basically, I'll spend the month of December talking about a few of my favorite things--mostly books. All of the topic posts can be found here.

Hahahaha, so I started this post during class and then my browser crashed and nothing saved except the previous paragraph. Because why not? Sigh.

Anyway, I have read a ton this year, more than years previous. I exploded my Goodreads challenge. My goal was 75 books, and I've read 95 as of today. And the year's not over yet! (I have two must reads on my Kindle right now that I know I'm going to finish, so.)

So, I was going to write a bit about how I'm disenchanted/dissatisfied with YA right now, but then I looked over my books read list and saw that YA still makes up the vast majority of my reading. By a huge margin. However, I have started dipping my toe more in middle grade (it lacks pretentiousness! which is what I usually love about YA!) and also even into more adult fiction that's not just prescribed by my book club. So I think I just need to vary my reading a bit more so I don't get as frustrated by the sameness of the YA I read.

(True story: my daughter read Joy Luck Club and LOVED IT and said she wanted more books like that because she totally identified with one of the characters. She does not find that same identification in the YA novels she has read. And, in fact, said to me: "All the books you read are the same." I have felt the same way lately is what I'm getting at. Mostly because I want to read about real teens doing real things and most of the YA I have encountered is...not that. So! That's where we are.)

My favorite reads of the year have, of course, been about real teens/people doing real things. Except for maybe one or two about superheroes and possibly one about a crayon. But even those are mostly grounded in reality.

Also, despite SOME PEOPLE thinking that I rarely give five stars to book, I have read 10 five-star books so far this year. So there.

I also got back into audiobooks this year and read 12 books that way so far. That number should increase by at least one since I'm next in line for an audiobook at the library right now.

Reading, man. I did a lot of it, basically.
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Cracked me up with your "10 five stars so there!" lol I feel like I've given out fewer five-star ratings this year, but I could be completely delusional because I haven't investigated that at all. lol So glad you jumped in again to join us for the month!
Although I liked the name "The Englishist" ... I always misppelled it :-) And yay for having an awesome year of reading. I realized that I unintentionally strayed from YA last year and this year. I never really liked the contemporary reads ... but one of my favorite books this year was a YA conteemporary novel. Such contradictions is my life!
Really interesting observations about the sameness of YA. I think that's why many of my college students want to read nothing else--and why I struggle some years to read even 10 YA novels (thank goodness for graphic novels--they really boost my YA totals). And it's not even just that the plots and characters are so similar, though I think YA really struggles with lack of diversity in many areas, but it's the tone and the voice. Thanks for giving me something to mull over! Also can't wait to read the post collecting those 10 5-star titles! I do feel like even though I've read a lot less this year (well, finished a lot less), I have read a lot of 5-star books.