keenai (keenai) wrote,

Why I came back to LJ

1. I started real name blog because, at the time, I wanted to establish a professional online presence for myself. Then, I thought I was going to be a young adult lit scholar who discussed books all the time, so it seemed like a good idea to take my book posts to another platform and establish myself as a book blogger. I am no longer interested in being a YA lit scholar, nor do I care about having that type of professional presence. I am instead going to do a webpage at my job and let that be that.

2. When I say I could never relax into it, I could never relax into it. Almost everything I posted over there felt stilted and formal. Not only that but i felt this overwhelming pressure to Produce Content. And schedule posts and think about when people would be reading and more likely to respond, etc. While no one specifically ever told me to do these things, lots of posts in the blogosphere are about creating content and sticking to a posting schedule and monetizing your blog and on and on. And features! Have a feature so people will associate your blog with something!

Yeah, that was sucking the life out of me. And while intellectually I know I could post whatever I wanted, something about the platform made me feel differently. I couldn't make the unconscious shift. So I made a physical one.

3. I would rather just post my book reviews at Goodreads and maybe do a round up post about what I'm reading. So basically how I used to talk about books over here.

4. I found myself wanting to talk about TV, but I am always behind on TV. And cut tags are so much easier than spoiler brackets. And also, again, see #2 about the time table and the schedule.

5. I decided to let the paid domain expire and just go back to the free Wordpress blog. If I did that, I reasoned, I could post whenever I want. Oh, and I could also do posts on different stuff. But guess what? I already have a place where I did that. Here.

6. I noticed that the book bloggers who seemed most comfortable were blogging on the platform they had started with--whether it was blogger or Wordpress. Then I remembered that I used to have a voice. And that the posts I liked over at real name blog were the ones where I posted off the cuff and/or talked about my life more. I wanted to do more of that, but I also wanted to be able to choose what was public or not. And, oh wow, sounding more and more like LJ again, yes? Yes.

7. I never worried about creating visual interests with my posts. Finding GIFs. You know what creates visual interest at LJ? Icons. You know what I miss? ICONS. I LOVE THEM. They are the thing I miss most about posting at LJ (except the people/community, of course). Even on Twitter or FB, I would think, "Ugh, I sure wish I could use an LJ icon right now to perfectly encapsulate what I'm thinking/feeling." You know what I have over 200 of at LJ? Icons.

8. It would take me FOREVER to write posts. I was so self-conscious. So annoying. Forever and ever and ever. I would leave them and come back to them. Again, something about the platform.

9. I can still participate in all the memes and stuff like Month of Faves (which I'm super excited about) from here. (That is what almost got me hanging on to real name blog until the new year, and then I was like, "Duh.")

10. When I was thinking about how maybe it was time for a return to LJ, I ran across this article, which really reminded me how great LJ is and why I always enjoyed posting here.

11. No other platform works for me like LiveJournal does. I enjoy Facebook a lot because all of my RL friends that have moved away are there, and it's a great way to keep in touch with them and their kids. But it's not a blog. I still have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. On the days I like it, I really like it. On the days I hate it...well. I still don't get Tumblr. And I hate that you can't actually have a conversation on there without reblogging or some other such nonsense. I know fandom left LJ, which is fine, but I'm not on LJ for fandom, and I never have been. I don't even do anything that fannish except maybe talk about TV and books, and I stopped doing that with the intensity I used to a long time ago. So, you know, I stll need a blog space that fills the needs I always used LJ for and still offers the community--even if it is smaller.

12. I'm old. I don't need what's new and hot. I need what works for me.

13. There is no thirteen.

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