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November is over, hello: reading and TV roundup

That makes no sense!

Anyway. I did enjoy doing monthly roundups, but since I'm back here I'm going to talk some about TV, too. TV! YAY. But first,books.

November books:

  1. A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty (YA, reread)

  2. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (adult non-fiction)

  3. Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook (#9) by Barbara Park (kiddie lit, chapter book)

  4. Junie B. Jones Is a Party Animal (#10) by Barbara Park (kiddie lit, chapter book)

  5. The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase #1) by Rick Riordan (YA--I don't care if it is marketed as middle grade. IN WHAT WORLD IS A BOOK WITH A 16-YEAR-OLD PROTAGONIST MIDDLE GRADE? None. The answer is none.)

  6. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling (adult non-fiction)

  7. Pieces of Why by K. L. Going  (middle grade)

I liked ALL of these books, which is A+. Stand outs are Year of Yes and Pieces of Why, which were five-star worthy on Goodreads. (I'm on Goodreads, btw, if you're into that sort of thing.) I'll talk more about them next month during A Month of Faves, which I'm super excited about. I LOVE END OF YEAR LISTS. And lists in general. So it's going to be a big old list-o-rama around here.

I am also interested in this event even if I have nothing to contribute to some of the topics. (I haven't read that many 2015 releases, for example, nor do I keep up with when books are released) I figure on those days I'll just do my own thing. And I cannot in good conscience list my top ten books of the year on December 21. I do so much reading over winter break! So I may just do that on the 30th. Basically, I probably shouldn't even sign up for it, but I might anyway. Or at least link back to it when I actually post my bastardized versions.

As for TV, WELL. I just have to accept that I'm in the half-hour comedy phase of my life. I had to delete my season pass to The Flash because I am always three or more episodes behind. (Also, stuff about the show was getting on my nerves, so I think I need to just save it for summer.)

I also had to delete Blackish because I find the humor meanspirited and I don't like ANY of the characters. It's kind of a problem.

Current season passes, in no particular order:

  1. Mom (CBS)

  2. The Grinder (FOX)

  3. Grandfathered (FOX)

  4. Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

  6. Jeopardy!

  7. Masterchef Junior (FOX)

Masterchef Junior doesn't count in the no hour-long shows because I can totally do other stuff while I'm watching it. Even if I am about two episodes behind.

Also, I feel like I'm missing something from that list.

Mom & The Grinder are the whitest shows I watch (SERIOUSLY. SO WHITE), but I love them both anyway. Grandfathered is great. My daughter and I have decided that Josh's character's name should be Ernest because he is SO EARNEST. Also, that baby is the cutest baby ever. Seriously, she is so cute. I comment on it at least twice per episode. Fresh Off the Boat and B99 continue to make me happy and bring me joy. So yay for that.

Today while watching Jeopardy! I learned that Agatha Christie wrote six romance novels under the name Mary Westmacott, so you know that stays in rotation. (I watch it while I eat breakfast, which means I'm usually behind on that as well.)

That's all I got for TV talk this week. Oh, except: Tell me where I can find icons for these shows!

Okay, that's really it.
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