keenai (keenai) wrote,

Picking Favorites

This is a combo post for Dec. 3's topic and today's! Basically, I only have one new favorite of 2015, and it is the GIF Keyboard, which used to only be available on my phone but is now available for the Macbook! So, basically, I can be insufferable both in text messages/on FB/on the ENTIRE INTERNET.

It is the greatest most magical thing ever.

Also, aside from reconnecting with all of the wonderful people here on LJ, I have ALSO discovered the dirigible plum's blog, and she is an academic who mostly reads/posts about YA lit but also kind of realized she may want to branch out into some other loves. So, basically, I could relate deeply to this post.

I am definitely looking forward to discovering more blogs and bloggers and amazing wonderfulness. 😍 for this event. Seriously.

ETA: I have visited almost all the blogs, but if you don't allow anon comments, I can't comment with any of my other accounts because Blogger hates me, apparently.
Tags: a month of faves

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